The most translated books in history

Top 5:

1. The Bible

Besides having been translated into 475 languages, The Bible is the most read and sold book in the history of the world.


2. Pinocchio

The story was written by Italian Carlo Collodi and it has been translated into 260 languages.

3. What Does The Bible Really Teach?

This Jehovah’s Witnesses book has been translated into 244 languages.

4. The Watchtower

This magazine is also published by Jehovah’s Witnesses. It has a circulation of about 42 million copies a month and it is translated into 207 languages.

5. The Pilgrim’s Progress

This text was written by John Bunyan in England in the 17th Century. It had a great cultural impact at the time and has since been translated into 200 languages.


Other books that didnt make it to the top 5, but are still popular for translations are: The Little Prince (>180 languages); Andersen’s Fairy Tales (153 languages); Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (147 languages); The Qur’an (112 languages); Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (97 languages); Book of Mormon (82 languages); The Alchemist and Harry Potter (67 languages each); and Pippi Longstocking (64 languages).